Made in Heaven

Apr 20

Happy Birthday to my beloved prince.

Wish you lots and lots of bliss, I hope you keep fulfilling all your dreams. I hope you remain always as a caring, talented, kind, loving, funny, sympathetic , ++++ person. From the beginning you have been an inspiration to me, your voice was the only one who could make me sleep at night. Thank you very much for making me smile, make me feel loved. Remember I’ll always be beside you and supporting you from afar. I hope you have a very nice birthday and one day you show up at my house and ask me marriage (optional). 

love you my little prince♥

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Apr 20

get to know me kpop meme: 1 of 5 favourite boy bands; EXO

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Apr 20

Some things just never change…

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Apr 20

don’t mess with oh sehun

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Apr 19

140419 音乐榜上榜 - Kris singing 爱与诚 by Leo Ku Kui Kei download here


别再做情人 做只猫做只狗不做情人

Let’s not be lovers,we can be dogs and cats but not lovers

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Apr 19

Hip-Thrusting Style.

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Apr 19

No Sehun

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Apr 18

oh sehun’s anatomy stomach

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Apr 18

140413 kai back hug sehun at Hello! Japan (=゚ω゚)ノ\(^^\)

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Apr 18

jongin being a nerd

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different types of korean street food ( ´∀`)☆
Apr 18


different types of korean street food ( ´`)

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Apr 17

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Apr 17

'Do not lost hope'
'Please stay strong a little bit more'
‘We are waiting’
‘Please comeback’
'Are you Hungry ?'


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Apr 17

Basketball 101 with Galaxy Hyung.

i like the reality XD

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Apr 17


this has to be one of the cutest Jongin-momentsヾ(^∇^)ノ.

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